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The Minimalist Golfer: Simple Golf Swing Approach

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Let's take the minimalist approach to the game of golf. Most golfers have accumulated a lot of golf tips along the way to find the quick fix. The instant gratification approach results in a cluttered mind and body much like a house full of junk. I highly recommend a spring cleaning approach to everything you have picked up along the way. You should start collecting swing thoughts that are of value and dump the rest of the useless information that you have collected. So how do we know what is valuable?

  • Get rid of all swing thoughts. Start fresh

  • Find one instructor you can rely on. Someone you can trust. Not all instructors truly understand the fundamentals of golf so seek cautiously.

  • Practice and apply what you have learned.

  • Avoid being distracted by unsolicited golf tips.

  • Continue to learn and practice the right fundamentals

This minimalist approach to the game of golf will build good habits which will create momentum in the improvement of your game.

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