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    The One Swing for Everything

Welcome to

The One Swing®

Online Membership

  • Learn & Practice Proper Fundamentals 
  • For Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner Golfers
  • The One Swing® that works for all the clubs in your bag
  • Selected member questions answered through video demo
  • The guess work done for you so you can use all your energy to learn and apply
  • All the puzzle pieces of how to play golf come together in one single puzzle
  • No more gimmicks and quick fixes
  • How to practice indoors, at home, at work, or while traveling
  • How to gain distance with effortless power
  • Building skills to lower your scores and have fun
  • Motivational videos to bring out the best golfer in you
  • More understanding of The One Swing®
  • Lesson Reminders & Continued Learning
  • How to create relaxation, flexibility, coordination, and most importantly to prevent injuries
  • Moving Meditation
  • and much more...

The One Swing®

A Sneak Peek: The One Swing® Membership

The One Swing Membership Plan

  • Unlimited access to Jun's Golf, The One Swing® Videos

  • Understand the Concept of The One Swing®

  • How to use The One Swing® fundamentals for all the clubs in your bag

  • Full Swing and Short-game (Basics)

  • Understanding the Learning Curve

  • Beginners can start the game off right by learning proper fundamentals and discovering how to transition to the golf course

  • Learn golf course etiquette, basic rules and everything in between

  • Taking Your Game to the Next Level:  Full Swing and Short-game advancement

  • Indoor Lesson Videos to keep your game sharp during business travel, at the office, in your living room, through the winter months and when you simply can't get to the golf course

  • Golf Course Management (uneven lies, club-selection, weather and more)

  • Advanced Shot Making Skills

  • Learn to Shape Shots and more

  • Golfiatrist to strengthen your mind skills (not a licensed professional)  



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