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The Hawk that visited My Lesson Tee

This video is one of my many majestic wildlife experiences on the golf course. I will never forget this day on the lesson tee. I really need to work for National Geographic. Not sure why but I have had a lot of extraordinary wildlife/animal experiences. The hawk locked eyes with mine and flew directly towards me. It was surreal.

To this day, I still can't believe how close I was to a hawk. I think the hawk thinks I live there since I teach there all the time. I will never forget that day.

My initial instinct was to look away and move out of the way!

But it was so breathtaking that I couldn't look away. I stayed still.

When I locked eyes with the Hawk, I noticed an orange hue in his eyes.

Something in my heart stayed still and calm . . .

even though I could feel my heart beating fast.

I trusted the hawk and knew to stay still and watch in awe.

Simply Majestic

I felt the wind beneath his wings.

And heard his wings flapping near me.

So close!

Check out his claws!

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