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Priceless Knowledge

What motivates me to blog again is a constant request from readers and students to continue posting on my site. I enjoy sharing experiences of discovering the various dimensions of the game of golf and within each awakening I find how closely it mirrors life. It is also gratifying to know that maybe just maybe one sentence, one word that I have sent out touched a reader in someway.

I have been so fortunate throughout the years to have learned from the best instructors in the world who I would label genius in their field. I continue to have these experiences which is a pleasant surprise each time. Just within the last few months, I reunited with Hank Haney and got a chance to thank him for all that he has taught me and how I am forever grateful for that. I hosted a putting seminar and worked along side one of the best putting instructors on the PGA Tour, Marius Filmalter. The designer of the #1 selling Titleist Vokey Wedge, Bob Vokey, shared his method to his madness. The precision that goes into every single wedge and how he validates what fundamentals work effortlessly with his design. When you understand the science behind the equipment and the golf swing, it allows creativity to exist in your game. Physical, becomes mental, becomes metaphysical. The latest encounter I had was with Drew Steckel, a PGA Tour instructor. It was a surreal experience to have walked with him while one of his students, Jason Gore played 18 holes at The Institute Golf Club.

When I talk of these people, it may seem like I am name dropping but it's their status that makes it so. I share because I truly get geek'd out about the knowledge of golf and meeting these people in person and learning from them beats reading any book or article or watching videos on the internet. It's not about just having met them that excites me, it's about learning the truth about the game and experiencing the depth of their knowledge. Just imagine something you have been passionate about your entire life.

You read it, study it and suddenly you not only have real life experiences with people who have reached the highest level in their field but to also watch them train the best players in the world.

I will talk of these people in my blogs and in my lessons from time to time because what precious gifts life brings, I want to share. My most precious memory was having the experience to meet Paul Runyan aka Little Poison (because he was a short game master). He taught me the heart and science of the game. A game where you don't wish it to be but to make it happen. He said to me, "We will go a long ways together." I didn't quite know what he meant by that at the time but it is so clear now after his passing. One student at a time.

I am floored with the gifts life has given and continue to surprise me with and in future blogs, I will share the experiences I have had in the past and present and looking forward to what may come in the future.

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