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NIGHT GOLF: When you do what you love, It's not Practice

Some of the things I did to break par as a teenager and to continue playing good golf. To get good at something, you must put in the reps/practice, and there is no way around it. If golf or any skill is meant for you, no one will ever have to tell you to practice. You do it willingly and with self motivation.

Deep down inside we all know, everything worthwhile takes time & practice. Too often though, people want something without putting in the effort. The higher your expectation, the more time you have to put into it. If you don't want to practice then you may have to lower your expectations. Find that balance.

Keep in mind though that proper practice is needed.

Practicing with negative attitude, unhealthy motion & energy will lead to bad habits.

Always practice with good attitude, healthy motion & energy,

Which will lead to good habits.

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