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Laugh Off a Bad Shot - Minion Style

If you haven’t seen the movie Despicable Me, watch it with your golf attitude in mind. This animated film is targeted toward kids but I strongly urge adults to watch this. Most kids already have a natural attitude that is healthy for the game. They may pout and throw a fit after a bad shot but if you leave them alone, they will get over it in seconds.

Most adults on the other hand will take that shot and take that negative energy into the next shot and the next until that one bad shot becomes a bad round and potentially a bad day. What is worse then self sabotage is teaching kids how to behave on the golf course. Etiquette is one thing, but telling them to not get too excited or to stop laughing too much and to take the game more seriously and bombarding them with swing thoughts that do not even work for their own game is just not right. Don’t be a party pooper. Golf should be fun! Be a minion.

When you observe a minion you will see that their overall energy is positive and happy. Sometimes they are confronted with a stressful situation and they get down or upset but they bounce back quickly and find ways to make fun of themselves or each other and laugh it off …is that naivety or true mental strength? Is being serious and upset really a mature and intelligent way of coping? To me it is backwards. Taking yourself too seriously and throwing a fit and not being able to snap out of it is immature.

If you begin to take your game or yourself too seriously and negativity strikes and you can’t snap out of it, think of my favorite scene in the movie where a minion runs around saying "Be do be do be do". This will always make you laugh and approach your next shot with a happier mindset. I was out with my young "minion" golf students and in between shots we were saying, "Be do be do" and just about fell off the cart laughing all the way to the next shot. Do whatever it takes to keep it positive & most importantly fun!

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