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Jun's The One Swing: Fundamental vs. Style

Understand more about The One Swing. Discover why fundamentals should be in all types of swings. The One Swing is not only great for every type of shot but also every style of swing.

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The Phoenix
The Phoenix
Oct 08, 2019

Excellent explanation of your “One Swing” concept Jun...I’m opting for (as you know) the easiest, and most repeatable, and most on plane swing we can ingrain in me. So many years of swinging poorly has toughened, but also tired 😓 me. I’m ready for a sweet, and efficient, and effortless pass and move through the ball, every time. Thanks to your dedication and training my swing has been morphing into something simple, not mysterious, a swing to be proud of...and a swing I can repeat confidently producing great shots all the rest of my many many more golfing days. 🏌🏽Thank you!!




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