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Inside Titleist Tour Van at the AT&T Pro-Am Pebble Beach

When I got invited to the Titleist Tour Van, my mission was to not get so excited that I would get kicked-out. I knew that I would see Circle T (tour only) items and equipment that are not out on the retail market and tour players randomly coming in and out of the van but what I did not expect was to get completely spoiled!

They had me choose any 2 clubs that would be made right on the spot. I decided to get a 913HD 23 degree hybrid and they suggested the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Stiff Shaft based on my game. My second club of choice was a 60 degree Vokey TVD60 SM4. I was so excited to have the guys who build clubs for the pros on tour to build my clubs. One of the guys asked if I wanted anything stamped on the wedge. I just told him to put Jun and he said, "That’s it? Can I bling it out and go crazy with the design?" I said, "Of course! You can do whatever you want with it."

They also asked what kind of driver shaft I was using. Told them it was the Pro Force V2 and one of the guys said, "Oh, that’s an old shaft, let’s get her the latest Graphite Design Tour AD BB". I quickly realized that a shaft that’s been out a little over a year is considered old which reminded me of how golf technology mirrors other hi-tech gadgets.

I got a tour of the van and many more gifts along the way ~

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