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In-home Golf Lessons: "Shelter in Place" Day 13

Through a lot of hours of practice and applying things I have learned in the past, I have discovered what works and what is a complete waste of time. Through those hours, I discovered insights of my own to play golf more efficiently and effortlessly.

That is how The One Swing Membership was created. The golf game cannot be built on quick tips. There are fundamentals that must be learned so all the little puzzle pieces can come together. Those puzzle pieces big or small, must all fit together as one puzzle. Once you have exhausted all the quick tips and gadgets and discovered your game has stayed the same or is declining over the years, become a member of The One Swing and build a solid foundation so you can continue to improve and play your best golf.

You can skip through a lot of swing thoughts that won't yield positive results. That is what I am here for so you can spend your valuable time practicing properly.

As you watch my videos, you will not only learn about the golf swing but you will also learn how to learn.

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