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Fundamentals are Healthy

The path to a fundamentally sound golf game is much like finding a healthy diet and sticking to it. It is a consistent ritual that requires purposeful action and practice. It is so easy to fall into the trap of searching for the quick fix. There are a plethora of quick fix methods and it mirrors diet fads that promise instant weight loss. It is all around and given to us via television shows (ex. late night infomercials), magazine articles, some instructors and even our own golfing buddies.

Golf tips have the instant gratification result of fast food where a tweak hear or there seems to hit the spot for a round or two until you start craving more tips to get you by. This approach will seem to work but in time will harm your swing and the overall health of your game will suffer. The unhealthy approach will lead to a lot of frustrated rounds of golf.

True fundamentals are like consuming nutritionally well-balanced meals. You may not feel the effects immediately and old habits will creep in to try to derail you from this path. You may also feel that it will take a long time to see results but this approach of compounding fundamentals on top of fundamentals will create momentum and your progress will pick up speed which will result in elevating your game to many levels.

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