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Everyone Can Generate Power and Accuracy

I was always in search of distance growing up as a golfer. People told me that I needed to gain a lot of weight and work-out with heavy weights to build muscle mass and that would give me the added distance I was looking for. I've also heard things like, "You are built like a model or a ballerina and will never have the strength to hit the golf ball far". Thinking back to some of those golf lessons make me laugh and shake my head as I write this.

Now, my family and friends know that I can eat! I consume a lot of food throughout the day and it is pretty tough for me to gain weight. I just knew that deep down inside that there is more to the game of golf then just human strength. I discovered through persistence and tenacity that the force from the science of physics is a powerful component of the golf swing. The swing is made up of arc, torque, speed, velocity and acceleration. The more we "try" to generate those things by strength alone, we would not be able to maximize distance. When people often ask me how I can drive the ball 240-285 yards, I have the answer. It is not a mystery, it is simple science.

Physics in a golf swing is generated by the proper fundamentals that create centripetal force. This energy derived from nature not only create exceptional powers but also accuracy and feel in the game of golf. The less you try to control and steer the golf ball with your own strength and simply surrender to the powers of the universe, the more you will find enjoyment in the game. Seek fundamentals that equate to physics and your game will become simple and effortless.

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