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Embrace Change

I sometimes come across students who have high handicaps that take their first few lessons with a lot of resistance to change. They say things like, "don't change my swing too much" as if their swing is unique to who they are and has produced great results. What they do not know is that they are doing a lot of the same motions that all high handicappers do. I see incorrect technique and swings that are all too common.

Some golfers talk about Jim Furyk and hide behind his unconventional swing and explain how different he is compared to other competitors and that is why they want minimal change. Ironically, when you truly breakdown his swing, their are key elements that all great players have that support his idiosyncratic golf swing. Jim Furyk has a loop in his plane that actually flows well with key fundamentals that all tour players have in their swing. He also is an extremely talented individual who have not only hit multitude of golf balls but someone who can also repeat his swing.

I had a student that resist change so much that I had to ask him a simple question, "What is your average score?" He said, "I shoot around 95." My natural response was, "What do you have to lose -- are you afraid that you will shoot 99 if we change your swing around, what do you have to lose?" I continued by saying, "Why not do something different and the result may cause you to score 10, 15, 20+ strokes better." He was first stunned by my response but I also saw a sigh of relief. This man has had this average for 15 years. This reminds me of Albert Einstein's quote, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you want to get out of the situation you are in with your game, take a completely different approach. Trying a few tips here or there will do just that, make little or no change to your stroke average. Change at first, takes letting go of old beliefs and old habits and having the courage to learn new ideas and new habits. Seek the right guidance and at first it will feel awkward and at times uncomfortable but soon enough you will discover many breakthroughs in your game. I have personally witnessed many students who have improved 15+ strokes within 6 months, because they were fed up with their game and decided to have a no fear attitude towards change.

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