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Ease Up: Subtle shift of the mind can often be impactful in Golf and in Life.

(Watch on desktop if you want to see ball flight and landing.)

Most of us have been in Shelter in Place/Lockdown for weeks and or months because of Covid-19. For me it has been months. Living in my specific county of California, it seems we were the first to close down and almost last to open back up.

This was my first few shots out on the golf course. It was the first hole and since the group just left the green and no one was behind us, I decided to hit a few shots and share my thoughts. How I approach the game when I am rough around the edges and haven't played for awhile, or in this case for a long time.

Even when I do play regularly, my warm-up sessions on the range is like this. Not tied

up by expectations. I take it easy and loosen up. This mind, body, spirit approach to taking it easy will ease you up for the proper motion to take shape.

This is also a key mindset element to ease up to allow you to play well and to also learn and take lessons with an open mind and heart. It seems soft and carefree but it is a realistic approach to warming up, learning, playing and simply enjoying golf and life to the fullest.

As a golf instructor, I not only observe golf swings but also golfers mindsets, intentions and emotions. What I often discover is, most golfers are too hard on themselves. Expectations are through the roof which can keep the mind and body too tight to shape itself into a swing.

Apply this to other areas of your life and you will see how much effortless progress you will make.

Open your mind and will find subtle yet impactful advice in this video.

Enjoy, Jun

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Jun 02, 2020

Thank you, Steve! I wish you safety and health as well.


Glad to so you out and doing what you enjoy. We opened golf in Maryland two weeks ago and the rust was evident. Stay safe, stay healthy.




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