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Don't Underestimate the Chip Shot

The Chip Shot can be a creative shot with a lot of options and versatility.

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Nov 20, 2018

Thank you Phoenix and Eric!!

Phoenix: Yes, chipping can be such a creative and fun shot. So much you can do with it! I am always coming up with different shots :).

Eric: I do like back spin shots as well. Love seeing the golf ball dance on the green! I use my 62 SM6 M Grind all the time. Its so versatile and I can hit it low, mid to high trajectory as well as tight and rough lies. I do use other clubs but 62 is my fave!


Eric Gonzales
Eric Gonzales
Nov 19, 2018

Thanks Jun I tend to only use one club around the greens when playing but practice with 62° thru my 3 wood around the greens . I get asked a lot to spin the ball back while I'm out playing with the guys but I prefer a two ball bounce stop. It looks like the ball is going to run way over the green but stops next to the hole. What shot do you prefer and what left do you prefer for a chip and a pitch.


The Phoenix
The Phoenix
Nov 07, 2018

Thanks Jun for showing the different chip shot club selections - It seems there are many ways to get it close while chipping, as long as we understand how the ball reacts based on our club choice. I really like your beautifully balanced and relaxed chipping motion!!!




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