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A Good Pre-Shot Routine Will Calm Your Nerves

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Having a pre-shot routine before every single golf shot keeps you focused, relaxed and consistent. It is a huge part of building a strong mental game; as well as, bringing out the best in your physical swing. It takes discipline to make this a habitual part of your game but in no time, it will be second nature and you will rely on it, especially in competition or pressure situations.

In this video, you will see my pre-shot routine. You are welcome to copy some of the steps that I use; however, I encourage you to make the routine your own. For example, I like to grip the club before getting into my set-up position. You may prefer gripping the club when you are over the golf ball. Try several different routines until you find the one that works best for you.

In my routine, I make sure to have these important elements:

  • Visualize the shot

  • Focus on a target

  • Always be mindful of your grip

  • Align shoulders, hips and feet

  • Breathe

The more you do this, you will find yourself falling into a meditative like state. You have no time to be nervous or distracted by negative thoughts because you will be focused on the step by step regimen of preparing for the present shot.

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