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A Golfer Allergic to Grass

Yes, I am a golfer that is allergic to grass and trees. I must enjoy the game to the extreme to self inflict this torture knowing the environment causes itchy watery red eyes and runny nose. Sometimes I get congestion as a side effect to loving the game of golf. I have tried several different ways to combat these agonizing systems and I have found a remedy, at least for this season.

The combination I use is the over the counter medication called Zirtec D and Alaway eye drops specifically for allergies. I have tried other medications but this seems to work the best for me. The D stands for decongestant and that is another feature I like about the pills. I was told by a pharmacist friend of mine, that if allergy pills offer a 12 or 24 hour relief, opt for the 12 hour relief so that the body can rest at night without the medication. This may also help with making sure that you do not become immune to the pill and that it will be effective next allergy season. Maybe that is why allergy pills like Claritin and Allegra that I've used in previous seasons have not worked for me this year.

Alaway eye drops are a must for me. I put a drop in each eye, 10 minutes before I put in my contacts. Usually that gets me through the day but when the pollen count is extremely high, I notice after a round of golf, my eyes start feeling itchy and red again. I will then take my contacts out and put more drops in. This is all worth it for the love of the game of golf.

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