Apr 25

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Edited: Apr 25

I have known Gino for 20 years and within those 20 years, I have never heard him say one negative statement. Who can say that about someone?

The only person that came to mind in marrying us was Gino. He has great intentions, habits, thoughts, feelings and everything in between.

Gino was preparing for his show in Vegas (few weeks before our wedding) — Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Convention “All In”. That theme far exceeded the show. When Gino commits to something, He is ALL IN.

I gave him several outs knowing how big the show was and how much he travels but he never wavered. He got ordained during that busy week!

We all got together after his show. Deitra, his Executive Administrator, was so generous in helping put all this together. We are forever grateful for her taking the time to make this all happen.

When we picked Gino up at the airport, I spotted him standing by his luggage talking business. When he saw me, he quickly got off the phone and gave me the warmest hug. He got in the Jeep and said, “Junie, I’m here for you and whatever you need me to do, I will do.”

Wherever we were, rehearsal and luncheon to spending time with friends and family, he was all in. Complete present state of mind. No cell phone other then for photos. A lot of people know Gino by his work ethic and accomplishments and that is truly impressive but I just can’t help notice over the years the little gracious things that could have easily been overlooked but didn’t. He taught me to dream big, set goals, stay focused but at the same time when we would leave the Starbucks table, he would always say, let’s pick everything up and leave the table clean and organized the way it looked when we first came.

He lives his talk and that is what I strive to do in my profession. If he teaches you something, it’s because he does it himself and knows it works.

In Hawaii, the only 2 people that wakes up at 5:30am crossed paths at the hotel coffee shop. My brother said he saw Gino and went over to say hi and Gino was on a conference call. He went and ordered coffee and while it was getting made, went to the other end to get a bottle of water. When he went to pay, he was told that Gino took care of it. The next morning, my brother reciprocated. Gino told me that my brother bought him coffee and he had such a look of gratitude. I knew the whole story. I knew it was his actions that created a reaction and is creating a chain reaction of inspiration, respect and gratitude.

Our ceremony went so smoothly because Gino put in that extra practice in reading the wedding ceremony script. He read it on the way to the hotel, while waiting around and every chance he could get. He didn’t have to do that but he did.

After the ceremony and family photos, it was Adam and my turn to take photos. At one point, I told Gino that he could go to the reception and get out of the sun. He had a pleasant and present smile and said he’s doing fine and that he’s ok to wait. He said, “I’m here for you Junie”. The whole time he didn’t check his phone and just sat there peacefully and waited patiently.

I have met a lot of successful people but none like Gino. Someone with Olympian like work ethic, drive, focus and vision and at the same time have gratitude towards the little things in life that could easily be overlooked.

Adam and I are blessed to know you and grateful that you married us on our special day.

Gino, you are inspiring and although my profession as a golf instructor is different, I walk on your path. I am ALL IN.







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