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Mistakes are part of the game. If you can understand the nature of it, it can catapult you too many levels. Check out this video -- proof that trees are 90% air.


Golf is a sport of successful golf misses, learn from them. Have fun.

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  • "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." Bruce Lee This is simple to do but tough to understand and focus on; especially, in a world of so many random tips. When I awaken golfers to this path of doing the proper fundamentals, they are able to escape the vortex and make results happen. Being in a hurry to makeshift a golf swing with a quick tip seems fast and doing the right motion over and over again to build a foundation seems slow. You have to go slow to go fast to make huge shifts in your life. It can be hard to understand this in golf terms but let me try to explain in regards to lets say a healthy diet. People go on diets after having heard or read about how quickly they can lose weight. If losing weight is the only goal, just like gaining distance with your driver is your only goal then you could end up deficient in other areas of your life and game. Some say eat only protein Some say avoid carbs Some say drink only smoothies Some say you need to swing fast Some say you need to swing slow Some say tuck your elbows in Some say focus on the dimples of the golf ball Some say positive thinking is the cure all This may work for a day or even a month but when it stops working, you either give up eating healthy or playing golf all together saying you tried or you go and search for more quick tips. This is NOT trying. This is flailing and randomness. If your goal was just to lose weight or gain distance, you may get it for awhile with your makeshift ways but what's the point of losing weight if you are miserable in mind and body? What's the point in gaining distance without any feel or accuracy? Now if you eat a BALANCED meal, you will not see results right away. I laugh because, who wants to hear that!? Once you build a foundation of protein, veggies and carbs, you can learn more about yourself and your body and know clearly what types of foods make you feel healthy, happy, vibrant and glowing. If you were only focused on losing weight, you would never get to this level of awareness. Once you get here, you realize how the weight effortlessly maintains itself and that you have gained more focus, drive and energy. When you crave bad food, you eat it at times to find how much better you feel when you eat a balanced healthy meal and you go back to that foundation. It's not about being perfect, it's about going back to the fundamental path when you get lost. Same with golf. Every single shot requires a swing so make that swing a good balanced swing that you can trust. Distance will become an effortless side-effect. When the wheels come off, it's not searching anymore to new quick tips -- it's a reminder to go back to proper fundamentals.
  • Some people assume I make my students come out in the rain. Believe me, you can't make grown adults or young kids be in the rain if they don't want too. Always do golf the way you want to do it. Some are fair weather and some are all weather and it's all good! I get messages like this all the time and that's why winter is as busy as summer. I love my job rain or shine. It was fun teaching in the rainstorm today! Messages like this crack me up...
  • As I teach, I always learn and observe human nature. I wish this on all golfers and all people. Whatever skills we are developing and whatever life we are living, it is great to have big dreams, strive for perfection, set goals but always enjoy the heck out of learning, exploring, playing, messing up, experimenting and growing. The end results are only joyous when we fully enjoy the process. If you don't enjoy the process, you will miss out on life because most of life we live is in the process.