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Golf Myth Buster #1: Keep your head down

No matter what level of golfer you are, we have all heard these myths, tips and phrases. Most of us have responded to it as if it is profound and intellectual by implementing it in our swings. When the execution is not successful, we blame ourselves for not being able to physically do it and never questioning the idiotic tip that was given in the first place. If we are the ones trying to help our partners on the course with these tips, we repeat it over and over and over again. I am about to talk about these contagious golf myths that continue to spread from generation to generation of golfers. We need to stop this epidemic now!

The golf swing is cause and effect and the issue lies in that people visually see the effect and try to fix it. When is the last time someone told you to keep your head down? This is probably the #1 worst golf tip. I see people so inflicted with this idea that after the ball has been struck, they still stare at the ground. Trying to keep your head down can also hurt your body because you are resisting the natural acceleration of the club and not allowing it to pull your body up to complete the swing.

The root cause of why your head comes up at impact is somewhere in your back-swing, your club is steep or too shallow where if you do not move away from the ball, you will stick the club into the ground. You should actually be thankful for your hand eye coordination and sub-conscious ability to pull your head up so you will not hurt yourself. If you tend to pick your head up, the last thing you want is to try to keep your head down. Quick tips like this may seem minor; however, by trying to implement it can not only create more errors but it can also cause physical injuries to your body. Focus on getting educated on what is causing the error and not the error itself. If swing issues were that obvious, we would all be scratch golfers.

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