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Beyond the Lesson Tee - Episode 3: Course Management

Adam asks Jun talk about Course Management and other golf topics about how to lower your score.

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Mar 14, 2019

Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful message! You have come so far with your game in attitude, feel, accuracy, distance and score!! You will continue to get fun is that!

You have become a HAPPY Skilled Golfer and that's what I wish always for every golfer!

As for course management, a lot of times golfers skip the swing foundation process of learning and try to strategize. It's not fun to be strategic with a slice, push, etc. It's much easier to strategize with an intentional shot. It's not about hitting perfect shots but when the mistakes happen less (and when they happen, are more predictable) that's when it's easier to plan out a golf hole. The shots …


The Phoenix
The Phoenix
Mar 13, 2019

What I understood from your vlog Jun is that I really need to really know my own game strengths and weaknesses before ever realistically attempting a successful course of strategy or action on any particular hole. Once I am confident and proficient in hitting the ball (middle of the face), then plotting around the course appropriately with more certainty and consistency in performance will ultimately lead me to better scoring. Also, hitting the ball in the middle of the face, time after time, and launching it looooong is such a huge confidence builder when a short iron is required rather than a more difficult longer iron....and of course hitting the ball a long way is lots of fun, and ca…




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